appdb + cert €25.99-

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appdb PLUS our certificate allows you to start to sideload apps right after certificate issuance by Apple. You don't need to buy Apple Developer Account!

Payment terms
  • You can pay via bank cards or PayPal
  • Revocation warranty is 180 days since certificate issuance. In case of certificate revocation, we will issue new certificate. All sales are final.
  • Email with registration status will be sent to you right after your order.
  • Apple may delay certificate issuance up to 33 days, in this case you will get email that you need to wait and second email when your registration will be finally processed by Apple.
  • Registrations are not transferable between devices. If you have changed your device, you need to buy new certificate.
  • In case of any problems or certificate revocation, get support in our Telegram Group.